Finding the perfect mattress is really important, after all we spend a third of our lives in bed , we have a variety of luxurious sleep solutions to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses

What size is a double mattress?

A standard double mattress size as is in table . As the most common size for a bed and mattress, they’re ideal for two people, especially if your bedroom space is at a premium.

Best for: 2 people and small to average sized bedrooms

200 X 200 X 25
200 X 180 X 25
200 X 160 X 25
190 X 160 X 25
190 X 180 X 25


What size is a single mattress?

Dimensions single mattresses are as in table . As the name suggests, they’re ideal for one person. They’re also great for children as they account for all growth spurts from roughly 4 years of age right through to teens.

Best for: 1 person

200 X 120 X 25
190 X 120 X 25
200 X 100 X 25
190 X 100 X 25
200 X 90 X 25
190 X 90 X 25
190 X 80 X 25


Why choose memory foam from Hannover ?

When you lie on a memory foam mattress, you’ll feel a subtle sinking sensation, which a lot of people find very comforting. It essentially hugs your body and distributes your weight evenly across the surface. Pressure points are eased which means you’re less likely to suffer from stiffness or aches and pains after waking up.

— Hannover Team